Mrówki i rzeczy/Ants and things

Black Peter, oil/canvas,  54x50, 2011    A bed, oil/canvas, 56x60, 2011    Why such?, oil/canvas, 58x68, 2011    Lost prestige, oil/canvas, 41x37, 2011    Cross stitch embroidery, oil/canvas, 40x42, 2011    Childhood taste, oil/canvas, 26x22, 2011    Untitled, oil/canvas, 64x60, 2011     Breeding, oil,collage/canvas,29x26, 2011    Confusing explanation, oil/canvas, 60x53, 2011    Moss, oil/canvas, 32x35, 2011    From hiding, oil/canvas,  40x35, 2011    An ant deep in your clothes, oil/canvas, 85x130, 2011    Untitled, oil/canvas, 54x50,  2011     Cage, oil/canvas, 29x24, 2011    Somnambulant land, oil/canvas, 62x56, 2011    Untitled, oil/canvas, 32x31, 2011     Cracs in the boards, oil/canvas, 32x35, 2011    A waiting, oil,collage/canvas,27x22, 2011    Hard to carry hard to abandon, oil/canvas, 80x90, 2011