W ciemności/In the dark

It was when they took me away, oil on canvas, 30x24, 2012 She has gone, oil on canvas, 42x35, 2012 Untitled, oil on canvas, 30x35, 2012 The game, oil on canvas, 25x33, 2012 Queen, oil on canvas, 27x26, 2012 IMG_0797 Petricrocotus Solaris, oil on canvas, 20x24, 2012 Into the silence, oil on canvas, 38x41, 2012 Then she came up to me, oil on canvas, 30x20, 2012 Untitled, oil on canvas, 34x32, 2012 IMG_0792  Untitled, oil/canvas, 18x13, 2012 Untitled, guache,oil/canvas,22x24, 2012 A Rabbit in Wonderland, oil on canvas, 25x25, 2012 We will sit 5 more minutes, oil/canvas,30x30, 2012 Refusal of view, oil/canvas, 35x30, 201 Untitled, oil/canvas, 18x13, 2012 Untitled, oil/canvas, 18x13, 2012 A Widow, oil on canvas, 25x20, 2012 She wanted to know my mooves, oil on canvas panel, 15 cm, 2012 Untitled (ergot), oil/canvas, 18x13, 2013 Untitled (ergot), oil/canvas, 18x13, 2013 Untitled (ergot), oil/canvas, 18x13, 2013 I paused for a moment in the dark, oil on canvas, 24x28, 2012